Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Alien Hunter: Underworld, by Whitley Strieber

Having not especially liked the first Alien Hunter book, which I just reviewed recently, you may wonder why I went on to read the second, Alien Hunter: Underworld. Well, there were two reasons. One, I already had a copy of the second book; and two, the blurb on it revealed that much more about the aliens themselves would be unveiled in this book, and that sounded interesting, as well as thereby filling a noticeable gap in the first book. Flynn Carroll returns, along with other characters from the first book, and another series of increasingly implausible scenarios quickly develop in which Flynn and his friends attempt to defeat the evil alien. This time he is helped by a more informative alien called Geri from the same planet, Aeon, and thus Flynn learns that the alien he is hunting, called Morris, is a psychopath mercenary from a planet where the biorobots are revolting against their creators. Morris escaped to earth with second rate tech and equipment, and apparently hopes to take over this world. Secretly but in only limited ways assisting the humans are some other alien species, including the grays, and much of the plot is tied in with alliances and conspiracy theories that would make Q-Anon followers proud. My curiosity about the Streiber's aliens is sated, and I feel no interest in tackling the third and final novel of this series. If I try another Strieber book, it should be one of his earlier pre-Communion novels that I haven't read, just to see if he did have the talent back then to write a satisfying novel as opposed to his self-evident ability to string together scene after amped-up scene to make for a mostly mindless thriller.

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