Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Doctor Brodie's Report

In the Afterword to Doctor Brodie's Report (1970), Jorge Luis Borges notes that these eleven short stories are the first he has written since 1953.  Thus they can be considered late-Borges, which is different from classic-Borges, which includes such first-class tales as "The Aleph," "Tlon, Uqbar and Orbis Tertius" and many others.  Though the tales collected in Doctor Brodie's Report appeared in English in such venues as The New Yorker (five stories), The Atlantic Monthly, and Harper's Magazine, they remain second-rate Borges, but they are all worth reading.  The best stories in the book are the first, "The Gospel According to Mark," and the last, titular story "Doctor Brodie's Report."  

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